We're Featured, Yay!


We just got Featured for the first time! Thank you for whoever liked it, and a honorable mention to @BB-Box for nomiating the 2.0 version! :D


Congratulations! I love the project! It's amazing! :D


First features are always the best :stuck_out_tongue: congrats!


On which project @tankt2016? Congrats! Cant wait to like it!
EDIT: I think I already LIKED IT


@tankt2016, after like 10 seconds, the character chasing you just... Disappears... :grimacing:

But it's still awesome! :D


Thank you! :D

I still can't believe the remixes...


@tankt2016 prepare for endless remixes



I just noticed that. :D


Can you put a link to the project?


No kidding! I got like a bazillion remixes just in the first day! @tankt2016, just be prepared for people trying to take credit.


Second row from the top on featured.

@t7lks, don't worry, I'll report the credit-taking remixes, if I can spot them—
The boy put "Remix with your score!" in the project!


Another comes in eventually, then a ninety percent invisible character comes in.

You can still see it, it is just rarely noticed.


Well done for the feature! That game is really cool! :smile:
I've never been featured, but I can imagine how exiting it is!


what why r u on it @CosineStudios


It is actually




It's an awesome project ;D
Did both the boy and the girl make it?


Me, the boy mostly made it, but the girl was the tester! :D


Ooh, 26 likes! :D


Well, congratulations to both of you!


Okay, I'll fetch it now!