We're back, and we have to confess something



Confession: We is I


If that made no sense, let me explain. AwesomeJediE and Jedi4Jesus are managed by the same coder, me. I'm sorry that I deceived most of you into thinking that I am two different people and I hope you don't get mad at me.


I will be posting stuff about the management of my accounts/my return to Hopscotch on this discussion. I'm still figuring out what I'm going to do with two popular accounts (I Have a hard enough time managing one!), so stay tuned. I'm also working on editing the stuff above for it to make sense. Also if you have any questions related to my return or my two accounts, please ask me them here.


That's okey! :D

It can be fun to have two different accounts.


Yeah but it is so stressssssful

I'm just letting you all know that these two are mine so I have less stress


I understand! :slight_smile:



Yay you're (both?) back lol


Yeah, we're back


And AwesomeJediE has 120+ notifications (I thought I took myself off the mass tag list????)


I have to go now but I wanted to get that out there. I published some new games on my Jedi4Jesus channel. I'll be back on the forum tonight or tomorrow. See you then!




I think that I'm going to use AwesomeJediE to publish my backgrounds and stuff like that and my Jedi4Jesus account will be all of my games, draw pads, etc. It's just to hard to have two account both creating games. But tomorrow I will publish my really old AwesomeJediE drafts and try to finish them on Jedi4Jesus.