Welp meh forum story-SIGN UP



YO WASSUP :apple:

So I saw people's doing dis and I was liek
"Y not"
I liek English so ye. So basically, I need 10 friends. U guys r gonna be da STARS
No evil people, sorry.
So we each have one power. ONE. It cannot be "everything," or something liek that. So mine will be shift shaping.
And when you are choosing your power, pls don't make it too specific. If u see someone's controlling water, don't control fire. Or grass. Or whatever.
Oh! One more thing-we CANNOT HAVE THE SAME POWERS. And I know many will hate me for this but-no flying or teleporting. Sorry! I just want all of u to use ur imagination. Here are some other ideas;
-Can lift anything
-Can speak to animals
-Controls weather
So ye. Here are da stuff!
One LAST thing. Promise it's the last.
The story WILL NOT B HERE. I will make a new topic for it. This is just for the sign up and cast discussion. Don't worry about finding it-I'll tag u :wink:
Welp here r da stuff;


Nickname (kinda liek ur username but shorter);
Age (optional)
Personality (Be specific!)
Looks (Be specific!)


Here you go lol

I don't care what you choose for anything else :wink:


Here is the form!


But you don't like the engliss...

You do realize the form doesn't have a place for powers right?




Power: Can talk to animals


My super power is the ability to hear and see things far away. (The idea is kinda taken away from Dovewing's powers in Warrior Cats)