Welp Goodbye forum


Hello, this is a self-destruct in a few minutes letter.
As you ready this, it's too late.
I,DinoProductions™ left the forum.
A few minutes ago.
At the 16th of November,I got flag. I talked to FoodDelivery and he said it wasn't rude. I was just saying that you shouldn't use the word 'he.ck' since they are some people that believed that 'he.ck' is a combination of he-ll and the F-word. Then I was flag. This made me very guilty,mad and sad.
Goodbye forum. I guess I'll never get to tell you a secret about me.

Message Self-destruct in








It's ok if you get a flag! I know I'm gonna get one someday...
But anywayyyy...
Bye! I'll miss you!


It's fine if you get a flag. Please don't leave though.


One flag isn't the end of the world!

I mean, like, only maybe a few hops out of this entire forum knew you had a flag you told us!
I've had 3 flags but I stayed, it's ok! Just move on.
There's people with way more.


A flag made me very guilty.
The flag is 20% of why I left. The other 80 is because of school. And Hopscotch.
Why am I here?


Hey I'll miss u just remember this poem

In this case maybe fire er but the thought still counts eh?
Btw I'm going to so yup bai btw don't worry I've had 20+ flags I swear


Was the flag approved by THT?

Goodbye, we understand if you don't want to be on hopscotch anymore. We will miss you!


I'll be in HS but not one the firum


Oh that's great, I'll still miss being able to have a chat with you! Best of luck with your coding!:slight_smile:


Well, if you insist, it's your decision anyways. Goodbye, you'll be missed. Have fun coding :)


Stay thanks.


% What u are back though


The forum is too addicting...
Oh and I'm leaving tom
and returning on Nov 10


K i guess? I dunno if i have asked u this but do u wanna try and work togother on a project?


Yeah! Let's work together in a project!


yey thx senpai should we make a topic about it?


Okay. Sure!


Should i or should u !
Oh well i will!!!!!


Yeah! I make the topic.


Ok then u can make kt ! Tag me on the topic!!!!!