Welly well well another game



Well if it isn’t Rex again late at night with his haLF aslEEp bra IN ag aIN.

Today, I’m making a game,,,

About mushrooms!

No actually I’m making a gardening/farming/thing tycoon game thing.

I dunno why I’m making a topic about a game I’ll probably quit half way through, but if not, haVE f Un.

I’ll just um, keep ya updated or something falls asleep at keyboard hshshd

niGhT, goOD, jusT DO i T


ti DINgs oF comF ORt aaand j o Y

co MFoRt nD jOY


Oooohhhhh tIAdingS oF cOMforT aNd Joy
God ReST U maRy GenTAl MeN


Ooh! Please post a link for the game when you’re done with it!


TBH I don’t really remember doing this

Probably cuz I was half asleep