Well then pros and cons


Hey there so ya'all know there is 0 mods and 0 leaders only @staff

But there are PROS :smiley:
And cons...

So let's just get the cons over....

Mods quitting
No party's unless @liza orginizes it...
0 topics will get closed
And yeh just loosing hope


Everything even
People will say like "hey, no ones leader so I am not exscluded"

And well I guess that's it bye.


I feel as if they should promote a couple of new leaders and see how that goes


No, that would be unfair...




The sad thing is that you can't get anymore titles anymore


Will they take mine???


I don't know

I really don't know anything anymore


That's not true. THT will take excellent care for the forum.

I know who your talking about.

I think that just THT should be leaders. I agree, I think your right that other users may feel left out if they just keep adding more leaders.


Communism (where everyone is equal) is good but hard to implement


Cough An Inspector Calls cough Socialism cough


I bet there's gonna be a buzz about the whole "OMG NO TITLES!! IM DYIN HER BRAH.." stuff like that.


0 leaders wha..man this is serious XD