Well shoot 😕


So anyways the iPod Touch at my house is stuck at a black screen and the home button is broken so I can't hard reset :confused: Anyways does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
(PS I use that iPod for going on the forum)

Probably will be on less

Can u take the battery out and place it back in?


Well I could try


You could try calling Apple Support or take it to a Apple Store to see if they can fix it.


Have you tried holding down the power button for 7 seconds?


Yes, I don't think anything happened but I'll try again


Try charging it?


Or do the soft reset thing where you hold the power button down


It's been charging for I think 40-ish minutes, and I tested the charger (it works)


How are you accessing the forum right now? Computer? I had something like that happen to me and I did a hard reset


What type of iPod touch is it


How old is the iPod touch then. Because if it was like first gen or whatever it would probably have that problem.


Found something



I researched it and these are the two most helpful answers so far:

Let it sit for a couple of days u til it drains all its battery

Connect it to a computer so it can like backup and u may be able to restart it from the computer


It's 5th gen


The first one I did with a laptop and it did nothing. Also I don't know how to take the iPod apart.
The second one I may try


Did you try throwing it across the room?
that's how I got my old iPod to work once but I wouldn't really recommend it :joy:
Try holding the home button down for 7 seconds?
I have no idea what to do sorry, the only advice I have is take it in to an Apple Store or something


Yes I want to break a relatively recent iPod (it's 5th gen)


I chucked a nerf gun that was jammed off a tall scructure and it was fixed.
Just try to take out the battery then put it back in.
If that Doesn't Work Then....


Quick question .Do u have a general topic



Hold down the off button for 10 seconds?:grey_question::question: idk