Well look who joined the forum!


Mm mmmm. Mmmm someone just joined dhe forum

:slight_smile: well let's see how Donald trump on the forum will turn out


@realdonaldtrump is the president elect


President elect.


Mhm and



Guys it's just an alt account. If it bothers you, then ignore him. He's just trying to get attention. I don't think there should be a whole other topic attracting attention to him. : D


This account is an alt account. Just nore it and move on. :D

I already found proof he isn't real because he said he liked hispanics when irl Trump doesn't. So much politics in Hopscotch oh my


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Can you guys stop with the memes? Well, not to be a party pooper, but some people might support Trump and may take it offensively, including me. Please don't judge and treat me differently just because I do.


Meet Megalopyge opercularis

The Trump Caterpillar


Who copied my The"Real"Blah thing!?


don't associate it with trump, the poor thing