Well...I knew this would happen


The forum's imploding, Everyone is upset and many people are leaving.

Soon we may need to make a new tag list since poptart left...

Idk I just want this to be a post to encourage people...I'm still staying...For a few more years...
Or maybe for people who are staying to say that they are staying.
(I also found a rainbow flag emoji​:flag_white:️‍:rainbow:)

I'm working to be a leader!
4 leaders gone... This is bad

I'm staying @AmiiboTrash!

and also first!


(Second post da evil @JojoDude git first post​:imp:)


insert evil laughter here!



Go JojoDude!



I am going to stay on the forum and Hopscotch for as long as I can! :D


I mean we can still use that tag list




I probably will stay. IDK though...


This has been a disaster.
Did THT realized that they created this?!

In a mere day 3 wonderful hopscotchers just...



I am staying. I might have a tiny break though. For a few days. Maybe. This has been so upsetting seeing awesome hopscotchers leave. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Forum has been quite chaotic. All I can do is to try my best to clear the chaos just a little bit.