Well, i don't know how to put this. half quitting?


Hey guys, it's Huggingfluffybear.

So er the forum has changed.

A lot.

I feal as if I am loving not being on as much and this is why...

I am half quitting.

School for me started three weeks ago.

That limits time.

My sister and I have been playing Minecraft and roblox.

It's just the forum isn't a big part of my life anymore.

I won't even be on for a hour a day more and likely.

Nothing can change my mind more and likely.


Okay! I'll miss you SOOOOO much! Bai!


Awww bai ;-;

No offense, but didn't you already make a leaving topic.


That was something diffrent.


That was seeing how I liked the break.


K bye


I'll miss you so much fluffy bear ;-;

Bai! Have a nice laif! :D




Ok, Huggy. I hope you are still on a little bit, but if you quit completely, have a very nice life. I wish you luck, and smiles on your road to awesomeness! :D

We'll miss you around here. ;-;


;-; I'll miss you so much Fluffy Bear ;-;
Have an awesome time playing minecraft and roblox! I love playing those too :D

And if you leave forever have an amazing awesome fantastic life! :D


Bye fluffy bear! :D
I hope you do come back and visit once in a while!


Okay I'll miss you ;-;
(Maybe I'll see you in roblox sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:)


Such a shame but I understand :slight_smile:


Hope you'll get time to be on the forum if you want :slight_smile: