Well hi thanks a lot for yummy Culver's pics


People who had convinced me to stay


oh just you wait @cash i'm typing up something for you hold on




Don't leave.
That's not going to solve anything.

At least stay until you hear my argument. Then decide.
Not just my argument. Everyone's argument to make you stay.


Nooo! STAAAAAAY! There's nothing wrong with you! Stay @Cash! Pleeeaaasee! :sob::sob:



EVEN ME?? Noooooo


I'm not trying to make u leave.
And why am I put into this??



Bye if you are leaving



Stay* heheheheh :confused:


Because you can't accept anything I say you always say it had to be politer even though when I talk I try to be polite except you don't make it any easier


Heheheheheheheeehhh :hugging::hugging:


It's weird that me and u used to fight and now we r bes frens


WELL..... If it would make u feel better I will leave after I take this request


Jeez just accept my criticism for your art it's not the best art ever just because you worked on it for an hour


Thx a lot. Makes me feel so GREAT about myself
I am sorry..... don't leave cause of me



Yeah uh my art isn't the best and neither is yours and you know that so accept criticism or have you art be "eh" forever


Sure where should we go


Fine. I try to ask u in a nice way, but no, u can't accept how I feel.
Ever think about saying
"Sorry it hurt your feelings. Do u get what I'm saying, tho"