Welkom 2 burnt tortilla's room



Hello I am your fellow burnt tortilla. You probably saw me on your latest taco night. My hopscotch username is also burnt tortilla and I'll make projects with all my burnt friends.


Hoi @Burnt-Tortilla!
How's Life?


Sry that i ate you, hope its all good :3
You was delicious
welcome to the forum


Hai! :D


That was a guy named Timmy

it's fine I never liked him


It's fine. Right now I'm in someone's freezer


Oh ok. You look alike i couldnt tell. And i actually prefer deep fried tortillas...


Welcome! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime!


Hola Burnt Tortilla! My name is Malie! If you need anything, you can tag me like this @Malie and ill be happy to help anyway possible! Remember to check out the community guidelines!


Tomtom the tomtom the nonnom

Welcome @Burnt-Tortilla!