Welcoming the new hopscotchers


Maybe we can make a welcoming game or something to welcome everyone that's new to hopscotch. Maybe every year idk it's just a idea.


Ooh that sounds very lovely! :blush:
I remember just as an example, that they used to do weekly welcomes for all new users who joined the forum (I think it looks like you can search 'welcome to the forum')


Great idea we could also welcome people on the forum


Pretty sure that's what she's saying..


I think it would be cool if Hopscocth had a banner or something on the first page that showed the latest Hopscotch and maybe Hopscotchers that has started to grown. To take it one step further, imagine if we could have a value or text attribute that was called "LatestUser". If so, you could make a project that always shows the latest Hopscocther. It would be a pretty good function. We could even have other values like "LatestProject", "FPS" (even if you could do that with code) "iPadBattery" and that kind of values. It would be cool.


Or like a coded tutorial or something? That would be great!


I remember that! I visited the day after I joined and was tagged in that.


I think that's a great idea!