Welcoming my friend to the forum


HI Everyone! My friend IRL, joined the forum recently and I wanted everyone to know her. Her name is @jojo30349. She's awesome! :wink:


Welcome to the forum @jojo30349!


@jojo30349 Welcome to the forum!


Welcome @jojo30349!!!!! I Hope You Like It Here!!!!


Hey, @jojo30349! Welcome! You'll love it here! :smile:

Check this out for some help! :wink:


Hi there, @jojo30349! So glad you're here!



This is a awesome website to learn, get help, and give out help to others! You will love this place @jojo30349!!!!!!

- Phase Admin


Thanks everyone. When she gets back on, I know that she'll feel really welcomed.

We have such a nice community. :smile:


To @jojo30349

Welcome to The Hopscotch Forum, @jojo30349! This is a really fun place to be! You can get help from other Hopscotchers, you can join clubs and collabs, and you can even create your own clubs and collabs! But you have to keep it forum-related or Hopscotch-related. And you have to follow the community guidelines. You also can't post anything inappropriate, like "bathroom talk". And sometimes, topics can get closed down temporarily because of community flagging. One topic has been closed down for a month. You should keep the community clean by flagging things that are off-topic, inappropriate ( which is also the word used for posts that don't match the community guidelines ), or spam ( advertising posts or topics ). And you should always let others join if they want to.

From @tankt2016


Hi @jojo30349 welcome to the forum!

Some things you need to know:

  1. Keep it hopscotch related
  2. Keep it appropriate

Thats all for now

@Redo122 Sighning out!


That's not mean at all, @tankt2016. It does not violate the rules and is fine.


MagmaPOP did this too. F4LO isn't being mean, he just wants to talk with specific peeps.


Why must I run out of likes now ;-;


She did (thanks!)

Welcome! >_<


She told me before lol

Plus it's in her bio @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf

Edit: oh your talking about your profile


I'll delete my posts now.


Hello welcome to the forum! @jojo30349





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