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I did hack it...


Oh yeah............. That's correct
(u will NOT be eliminated)


Many you should to, both of you!


@AHappyCoder @Stampys_fans

Let's not argue... :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Gr8 idea


I didn't think Kiwicute liked Stampys Fans bringing topics back from the dead :wink:


And he's replying to me to not comment on old topics, even though it was 15 days ago, he does this on purpose :unamused:


Only 'k'ing, @gabe_N, it it with the liking spree, and I did it as on-topic as the posts before mine


only k'ing, not trying to do it by encouraging, sorry?


wat dat mean?

Welcome to the forum, @SapFire!
Do you have to pay for gravatar
New forum account
Linemstudio finally in hopsotch forum
New to the forum. ;)
I need a best friend in hopscotch my user name is ben merritt
Need tips. New to hopscotch. (Sort of)

The interresting science of 'k'ing, to when you 'k', @posts, whe you 'k', your 'k'ing, like when you explode, your exploding


To @team: Apparently, @Liza promoted you! Are you a secondary Hopscotch account..?

I'm going to leave

Hi! I'm SmileyAlyssa​:blush:! I am 12, and I'm super active on the Forum and Hopscotch! I love to code! I am most proud of My Holiday Card w/ mini-games v1.0 because it took a LOT of code and hard work! I like to make games a lot on Hopscotch, and recently I've been doing pixel art! I also love to make people smile!


I'm F4LO, better known as Anonymous on Hopscotch! I'm active a lot on both hopscotch and the forum! I love making music :D


I am Make Your Day, and I love to make people's days. You can find me on forum and hopscotch A LOT! Hopefully I can make your day and if you need me just tag me at @MYD


I am codingCupcake123 on the forum and on Scratch, and I am RedRaspberry2016 on Hopscotch! I love making cool backgrounds on Hopscotch! I started Hopscotch in January. I know some Javascript amd HTML.


I am someone who got in trouble for welcoming himself on this topic, on the 25th of Janurary


For The New People On Forum -_-


This Topic Is Going Down. o_o @Anonymous


Hello I am Huggingfluffybear I am a 9 year old mature boy is very active on the forum is nice going for the leader badge on the forum and I am mostly on my Huggingfluffybear2 account becuse I have 2 iPads my mini and my air!
I also love fried chicken and a silly and like to act and sign and love homeschool!