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Hi! My name is Gabe. I love hopscotch! My username is Computerguy:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::computer:
Thanks for creating this!!


Hi! My name is Nico, and I am BuildASnowman on hopscotch. The project I am most proud of is "Bird Dodge", but I have a lot of other drafts that I like a lot.
Hopscotch is my favorite way to make games and have fun! My favorite things to make are games and trying to get unexpected behavior out of Hopscotch!
I am 12 years old, and besides hopscotch I know Python, Lua, Java, C, JavaScript, a little objective-c, a little Ruby, and if you count them as programming languages, HTML, and CSS. I am also currently trying to make my own programming language.
I am so glad that this forum is happening!


liza I have a really go question for the hopscotch team
here is the link to the post Hopscotch is a app but...


Hey everyone!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
My Hopscotch name is PrettyBallerina because people say I'm pretty and I :heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::sparkling_heart: Ballet!
I also really like EMOJIS!:grinning::ribbon::iphone::dress::gem::tada::heart_eyes::yum:
And flowers! :tulip::cherry_blossom::rose::hibiscus::blossom::bouquet:
I joined Hopscotch in July and trust me I am a very fast learner :sunglasses::books:
I can speak: Greek, English and French!

Glad you made this website!

And that's Pretty much it!

See you around!


I'm of course Fishyguitars.
Hopscotch is pretty awesome.

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Hey! I'm Cubertion. I joined the Hopscotch community somewhere in late June of 2015. Ever since I've joined, I've loved the community. I'm really proud of a project called 'Mr. Happy' that I made. The goal in the game is to tap the smilely face in the middle of the screen to earn points. You can then redeem the points at the shop for cool foods. If you want, you can check it out in my profile.


Hey! I am Moon13wingsoffire! I love this new forum! I really like my Truth/Lie detector project! Hopscotch is awesome! Two of my close friends, Zooshy! and CodingFun. Thanks for making Hopscotch awesome!


Hey guys! I am geeky_swag_DJ:space_invader::sunglasses::notes:! My favorite part of Hopscotch is all the things you can make on it! I also love all the creativity! My favorite block on Hopscotch has to be the Leave a Trail block!


Hi! I'm AwesomeGal1b, but in Hopscotch, I'm AwesomeGal1.
I love Hopscotch and I'm wondering if you could make this forum into app so it's easier for me to access it.:grinning:


Hello everyone! I'm not super popular on Hopscotch, but you may know me as THUNDERCLOUD on Hopscotch. If you need any help just ask and I will make a tutorial video and post it on my YouTube Channel! To find my YT Channel just search Thundercloud under Channels and then find the one with a picture of Steve (from Minecraft) and a Brabarian (Form Clash of Clans).

Thanks for reading!


Hi! I'm -CeeCee-, a Hopscotch moderator. I think this is a great idea to share code and experience! See you soon :wink:


Hi all. I'm Stradyvarious. I like coding strategy games and have a habit choosing projects that are long and difficult to do. I also like playing games that are unpredictable and different from most others made.


Hello and 您好!I'm EmojiHappy and my Hopscotch username is too.I've made some projects, starting from June 2015 and I love it.Btw I'm Chinese and American so lol.


Hi! My name is Turtle_Fredie:turtle:. I've been Hopscotching since May 2015.
I love puzzles. I like figuring things out. So that's why I decided to try Hopscotch.
P.S I like turtles


Hi I'm new to the forum!!! My hopscotch name is HoppingBanana:banana:. I've been hopscotching since June 2015. I hope we can become friends on Hopscotch and here too!!!


I am Libby (hopscotch name is spoty) And I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopscotch SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much !!!!!!!!!


Hi! I am known as Berrymelon on Hopscotch and my name is Tiffany. I love coding and I would look forward helping others. (I usually make messes with my project!) Also trying to make a drawing pad to do drawing requests!


Hi I am kiwianabows2015. I am a New Zealander. I have survived through a massive earthquake in a place in New Zealand. My house wasn't destroyed but now I am living somewhere else in 6th grade going into form 1


About Me

Hello there, fellow Hopscotchers! My name is Yummy Muffin, and I've been on Hopscotch for about 8 months. I live on a rather small island called Ireland. It's usually moderately cold over here! I love coding, learning and drawing.