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Bonjour! ¡Hola! Guten tag! Olá! 您好!

Say hi to the community and tell us a little about yourself. What project are you most proud of? What kind of stuff do you like to make in Hopscotch? What do you want to learn?

Everyone is welcome here—total newbies, professional programmers, and everyone in between. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from—this is your community.

Remember: keep your personal deets private! Don’t share your full name, phone number, email , school name, etc. You can share your first name, age, and Hopscotch username.

PS: Check this great tutorial on how to use the forum!

Help? I am new!
Hello! Well, I'm new to hopscotch and the forum. Mind helping? :D
Newcomer Place!
Welcome to the Forum Combo! :D
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What do you do here?

Hi there! So happy this exists now!


Hi! My name is Josh and I'm a fan of Hopscotch. My Hopscotch name is DrCrumbcake. My favorite Hopscotch feature is cloning.

Thank you for creating this forum!


I'm Liza! I work on Community at Hopscotch, which means I get to hang out with Hopscotchers all day (and play their projects on Hopscotch) :smile:

I am excited about creating a place where you can easily get (and give!) help. I sometimes get stuck while making something, and it's not always easy to figure out what to do. So...enter this forum!

If you have questions, ideas, or suggestions about this forum, I'd love to hear them! The best place to share them is in the Make the Forum Better thread. You can also email me if you'd like (liza[at]gethopscotch.com).


Hi I'm Alish!

I make the Hopscotch videos. My favorite Hopscotch character is Jeepers, and my favorite block is Set Text! I'm super excited about this forum, and can't wait to see what conversations spring up from it!


Hi!! I'm JokingFisherman. I used to be FrostyRaisin but I accidentally deleted my account. Whoops! Now I'm JokingFisherman :smiley:

I really like drawing on Valgo:zap:️:zap::zap:️'s neon drawing app (I even made the background of my iPad with it!).

I wanna learn how to make my own drawing templates, scrolling websites, and other cool stuff.



Kia Ora (hello) everyone. :smiley_cat: I am Benjour Programming. I know HTML and am learning Swift. I am currently working on a football game.


Hi I'm t1! I love coding and making projects on Hopscotch! :iphone:

I also like helping other people and learning from others, which in fact is what we'll be able to do on this awesome forum :smile:


Hi! I'm Jmohart. I've been Hopscotching since January, 2015.

I like to make websites, pixel art, and games on Hopscotch.

I'm really excited about this cool forum. I can't wait to explore it more!:smiley:


I'm MagmaBurst1, I've had loads of previous accounts, making Nyan Cat pixel art and stuff like that! I love helping others and I'm a Beta Tester. I have so many friends on Hopscotch, my favourite block is create a clone and repeat forever. I am passionate about coding and really like hearing about everyone!


I am totally with you Jmohart!


¡Hola, todos! Que tal?

My name is Ian, aka SilkyChicken. You might know me from Hopscotch's emails (it's an awesome job). If you ever have a bug to report, a project you want to share, or if you just want to say hello, we'd love to hear from you! You can reach us at help@gethopscotch.com

My two favorite types of projects are cool drawing apps and funny animations. If you visit my profile there are mostly test posts, because I spend a lot of time tracking down and fixing bugs before you can find them :smile:

Can't wait to see how this forum evolves and improves!


Hi I'm lavender cupcake and I'm a hopscotcher that loves making and playing games. I love drawing. I came here to learn more and help others.


Hi I am bubbly Oreo. You may know me as B.O. You can follow me on hopscotch my username is bubbly Oreo ❁ and remember this is the exact username. The bubbly Oreo❁ Is my old account. Also just a question how do you post a thing of your own. #learning to use this.

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I remember you from hopscotch! Your so talented! :smile: You are really good

To @Happyfries_hopscotch

Hi! I'm HappyFries:fries: from hopscotch! I'm so glad this is happening now! :smiley:


Hi I am Hannah, or Glitter Kitty from Hopscotch. I am 12 years old.
I am totally obsessed with cats and I am a definite nerd. I love to code and do anything tech related.


Hi, I am aes2015, otherwise known as Servomotors,Solidstate. I am also on a number of other games, like Scratch, with the same username (aes2015). I am planning on learning Python and other coding languages.


We had exchanged a lot of emails, you and me!