Welcomes and intros 2/24!


Let's stop correcting Liza now, @Snoopy. :sweat_smile:


@RubyWolf1 you have a fan! @RubyWolf_Big_Fan !! Also is this a copy cat? @RubyWolf


I know it's awesome!!!! I don't know who @RubyWolf is strange......


That's a lot of new users on hopscotch, people who have been here for a while, try checking out their accounts, if they want, give advice, and tips and help them keep up the coding:D


Hi.i joined about 3-4 weeks ago and already I am so amazed on how cool the forum is! Also @liza you tagged me.


Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask me any questions, but try to search first, people may have already answered the same question! :wink:
@GoBroncos you have an amazing username, by the way,


This anybody wondering why there is a Destined_Taco and a Destined_Taco1: I tried to make a account using Destined_Taco but that didn't work so I made another one with "1" at the end. Yup :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the welcome:grinning:


Welcome to the forum like your username I got a project on featured that had a bee! It got featured yesterday!


Yay! Welcome to the hopscotch forum! Glad you joined! :+1::smile::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:


Great to have you guys here! You'love love it!
@ me like this: @Gilbert189 if you need any help!


Thanks @Huggingfluffybear I like your username too:grinning:


Thank you! I like the word izzy for some reason!


Hi! Yes, I am a big fan of @RubyWolf1 But I do Not know who the other person is.


Hello @RubyWolf_Big_Fan welcome to the forum!


Welcome everyone! (I am considered new also, I still want to welcome others)


Wecome my little friend!


I have a song for everyone:
(To the music "One Call Away")

I'm only one... Tag... Away
I'll be here to help, all day
I'm @SmileyAlyssa but you can call me SA
Because I'm one... Tag... Awayyyyy


I was tagged but in am already a member :wink:


Well @ian did not do his weekly one so @liza caught up on some of these!