Welcome your new community leaders!



Thank you Zane.

I mean technically we’ve been here for a rly long time but whatever + ty


Today is another landmark in Hopscotch history


@t7lks I’ve never seen you before. Welcome to leader!


Thank you everyone for the welcomes! We have been through training the past few days so that we can be the best leaders we can be. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you need help!

@Awesome_E, that’s funny cuz I’ve see you like everywhere. XD
I think I follow you on Hopscotch, and I’ve been featured a couple times with pixel art.


lol nice.

@Awesome_E display help

I currently know how to do the following things:

Default Commands

@Awesome_E fortune ID: 1

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it

@Awesome_E question (anything) ID: 2

:speech_balloon: The answer is 2

@Awesome_E definition (word) ID: 3

:open_book: Dictionary: A book or electronic resource that lists the words of a language (typically in alphabetical order) and gives their meaning, or gives the equivalent words in a different language, often also providing information about pronunciation, origin, and usage.

@Awesome_E edit topic (new name) or (tags) or "frustration" ID: 4

:sparkles: Your topic has been edited

@Awesome_E surprise me ID: 5

:globe_with_meridians: Your Generated Website

@Awesome_E quote [type] ID: 6

:left_speech_bubble: Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you — Princess Diana

@Awesome_E -1 ID: 7

We are safe from -1

@Awesome_E give idea ID: 8

:bulb: Idea Noted

@Awesome_E feeling ID: 9

:smile: I am feeling great!

@Awesome_E rick roll (any-text-or-image) ID: 10


@Awesome_E rick roll button [user] ID: 11

@Awesome_E restore ID: 12

:sparkles: Topic Fixed

@Awesome_E i’m bored ID: 13

:world_map: Quest Given: Link me the Random Category (not Random Stuff). Hint: Mobile View

@Awesome_E stump me ID: 14

:brain: Explain the full origin of -1 and get it verified by Fredrick.

@Awesome_E add function (new function) ID: 15

:white_check_mark: Function Added. Say @Awesome_E display help to show the new list.

@Awesome_E enable function (disabled function) ID: 16

:white_check_mark: Function Enabled. Say @Awesome_E display help to show the new list.

@Awesome_E suggest response (function ID) (new outcome) ID: 17

:white_check_mark: New response added: :world_map: Tell me about the mountain chicken

Custom Functions

@Awesome_E say (word or phrase) ID: CF1

Made by @Hopscotcher: :speech_balloon: Hello

@Awesome_E confuzzle (`target user`) [specific style] ID: CF2

Made by @Mindcool24: :speech_balloon: hm do how u hmhmhm thy doing what

@Awesome_E reply to bot [bot name] (word or phrase) ID: CF3

Made by @Hopscotcher: :speech_balloon: Hello

@Awesome_E repeat function (repeat times) (function id) (parameters) ID: CF4

Made by @Hopscotcher: :speech_balloon: Hello! x5 Posts

@Awesome_E fluxroll [user] [topic] [specific item] ID: CF4

Made by @JACG2018MASTER: :globe_with_meridians: Secret

@Awesome_E random video ID: CF5

Made by @Hopscotcher: :clapper: Video

To add a custom function, use the @Awesome_E add function command.

(required things)[optional things]

To remove a function, say @Awesome_E request removal (function ID) [reason] ID: R1
To disable a function, say @Awesome_E disable function (function ID) [reason] ID: R2

To disable @Awesome_E bot, say @Fredrick disable @Awesome_E bot. ID: DB

ugh these two separate topics confuse me a lot



Also again congrats to everyone!!


Ah, Mr. Rick Roll, himself and in the flesh.
Nice to make your acquaintance.

Your assessment is reversed, but I appreciate your efforts to stem the most recent influx of question. Thank you!


Sorry about that

lol u know about that


So are you part of THT? (I didn’t confirm that you were or weren’t, I said more related than others)
All that I 100% know is that you trained the new people to the job


No prob. Thanks for the question and I shall answer as I can. No, I am not affiliated with THT in any capacity beyond simply being a parent of kids who have used the app and forum. I have a varied background of IT and customer service experience that THT felt would add value to the new leadership team.


Cool and nice to know. I did see that you used to be a part of IT and it makes sense that you would be chosen for your position (congrats). After all, I didn’t say you were a part of the team in the post, I just said you’re more like a new member because you trained the new leaders

(I’m not really that surprised you found out about the rick rolls, I just thought that was funny)

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hmm… these posts are now in both topics?


No…just remnants of the portal if you wanted to follow the trail.


Oh right, post count was about the same didn’t realize they were different at first glance


Thank you everyone for all the welcomes and congratulations! Because of the fact that time zones exist, I wasn’t able to join this topic until now. It would take lots of time to tag everyone above that welcomed all us, but I want to say thanks to everyone that did! I am super excited for being a leader and I can’t wait to take part in making the community better and safer for everyone!

I also want to remind everyone that you can always be what I call “a leader without a badge”. Do your best to keep everything nice and clean on here and tag us leaders when in doubt.


Yes, go @William04GamerA

You’re one of the best leaders here!


Thank you! I think that everyone are awesome though. We are a really good team.


congratulations dude you’re a cool person and i like to see where this leader stuff goes


Frankly i have no chance to really be a leader