Welcome your new community leaders!



hi everyone! I’m super grateful to have this opportunity to help keep the forum awesome. Jazz has been a great guide so far and I think we’ll all make an effective team. feel free to @ me or anyone else anywhere with any casual questions or if anything comes up.



leaders are such a throwback
i remember we all had a crisis when they got booted and i was in an actual crisis at the same time so later I got put in psych and it was awful

literally all I can remember lol
I’m so happy for you!


Oh my gosh that does not sound fun lol

Tysmmm smishter hhh it’s been a while.

Wanna talk on my gt?


yeah but I rlly need to study for a test so I’m going to do that instead

I’ll talk to y’all later


Everything has been said and all the advice has been given!

Congratulations, of course. The only thing to be added is my personal support. I hope that the fact that we have leaders doesn’t necessarily mean that we will have trolls or large issues that make the leaders have to work too hard.

The rest of us normal kiddos will try not to cause too much trouble :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks all! We’re excited to work with you! Feel free to ask us questions, any one of us would be happy to help!


Thank you!


there’s a few people I wish were also leaders but, I mean they’ve done a few things that have been questionable so, i get why they’re not up there.

Darn if only they hadn’t been born short tempered or desperate!

Congrats to all the new leaders though!


Aghsgahhaha congratulations to all of you!! You guys will do great


AH congratulations Alhh I’m so proud of you bro. You’ll do great !! And I’m here to help you with stuff if you ever need it. U deserve it ily alh
Oh and Alh maybe you should make a group tab for all of the leaders in case something comes up that needs all of your attentions.
Ily and congrats again alh


AhH ty grill ily too.

Yeah that’s probably a good idea I’ll bring that up w Jazz and Ana. Ty grilll

Lol this is the first time you’ve called me that on here (it’s fine tho)
Also, why am I not surprised that you did this?


Thank you! This most assuredly is going to be a new experience! Nevertheless, I’m sure it will be fun. :wink:


You are back!


Lol no 6 isn’t back. I think he just came on to congratulate all of us. (By I think I mean I’m 99.99999% sure)


Oh, ok. :frowning_face:


Congrats everyone!!!


congrats gang!


:partying_face: :confetti_ball: :tada:


Congrats y’all! So glad we have community moderators again. It’ll help make the forum a less chaotic place just like it was last time with leaders. Hopefully they’re here to stay.


In case anyone is wondering, she is more like a new member to THT and less of an outside leader.

And Congrats to all Leaders here


Welcome @t7lks, @William04GamerA, @Autobot_Beejay, @FearlessPhoenix, @Roller_Blade, @Serenity, @SuperGirl3Acer, and Jazz