Welcome to Tutorial Land. Omg


So, here I'm just gonna be putting some tutorials, for code, art, etc.

Because why not.

If you have any tutorial requests let me know yey


Tutorial potato


Everyone loves a sin and cos tutorial.


K I found this amazing sine and cosine tutorial then

@PixelMaster64 k on it thx


I made a topic about this XD



I think this topic is for her own tutorials, maybe.
I dunno


MIDORI GURINUUUUUUUUU: @Bubbles4Ever929! @Bubbles4Ever929! Why don't you make a tutorial of how to make a chocolate trail art/shape art?


Yandere Dev: Stop asking questions you know the anwser to Midori


You are funny​:smile:


Yandere Dev: Midori is SO annoying that I want to grab a knifu and end her lifu.