Welcome to the forum, @SapFire!



@SapFire is my friend IRL and recently joined hopscotch and hopscotch forum! Please show her around the forums and don't be rude to her. (btw SapFire go here to learn more about the forum)


Welcome to da forum, @SapFire, its really nice here in da hopscotch community :wink:


Welcome to the forum @SapFire! This is a great community you will love it! Have fun!


You may want to read those, since you are new, it might help. We are all happy you joined the forum. :smile:

I really like you profile pic, @SapFire,


Thank you! Ps my hopscotch username is SapFire If you want to see my projects :slightly_smiling:


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Welcome! You must be amazing to know @Ihasfluffycupcakes in real life! If you have any questions, feel free to tag me! Welcome to the awesome forum!


Welcome the the kindest, most wonderful, resourceful I could keep going but I'll stop community in the solar system