Welcome to the forum @MiNi!


Hello @MiNi ! Welcome to the forum! I hope you have a wonderful time here ! If you need any help , just tag me as @Silverdolphin !


@MiNi , some topics to look at :


Hey guys I just joined the forum but I'm a long time hopper

@SilverDolphin thank you! I have been in here with a different account before! Even so,thank you!!!


Welcome (back?) to the forum!

Tag me anytime!


thanks for the bio mention!






IDK, I needed something to write...?



How's your first day been?


How has your experience at the forum been ??


@KVJ @Silverdolphin

I really enjoy it :slight_smile: It's fun to talk to other HS users :slight_smile:


How about you make a general topic !!


K, good idea! Thanks
I'm at school so I gotta go..


Okay !! Bai !!!!!!!!!!