Welcome to the forum 9/23!



Hey guys! We're starting something new this week where we welcome people who've joined the forum community in the last week.

So, if you're new, say hello to everyone! What is your Hopscotch name? What project are you most proud of making?

Welcome to:

Remember: keep your personal deets private! Don’t share your full name, phone number, email , school name, etc. You can share your first name, age, and Hopscotch username.

PS: Check this great tutorial on how to use the forum!


Ooh yay! Welcome to the forum! I can't wait to see more hopscotchers join!

Check this out
Check me out!
And this one!

src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d59de6de561537dcaebfd8870ea25423c352d371.png" width="690" height="322">


This is really nice :smile: Welcome everyone!


Welcome everybody! This forum will be really helpful for you! It is a great way to get to know hopscotchers and get help on your projects! Hope you have a great time!

~teddyweddy23 (Tropical Peacock)


Why am I replying on all of Liza's old topics? Sorry Liza ^^


Liza everyone her eare bullies


Noice 1 year bump @BellaWafflez17








I didn't bump anything up. That was BellaWafflez17.


Woops XD

You're profile pics look alike


It's fine. :DD

Now that I think about it, they do look alike XD



I really like ur profile pic... is it like a mother's/father's day project? Because there's a big stick man and a little one? XD


It was actually my 3rd most recent project :D


Oh, cool!


Hey guys, if you want to chat, I suggest you do it in your general topic so you don't get flagged here >///<


Thicks fren!