Welcome to the Forum, 10/5



Happy MONDAY, all! And October, too! Who's ready to get spooky?

Say hello to our newest forum members this week:

If you're new, introduce yourself with your Hopscotch name, a project you're working on, your favorite project, your favorite game, or whatever!

Welcome to:

Remember: keep your personal info private! Don’t share your last name, email, school name, etc. You can share your first name, age, and Hopscotch username.

PS: Check this great tutorial on how to use the forum!


Welcome to the forums! :smiley:
We're so glad you're here. I can't wait to see your intros!


Welcome, hopscotchers! The forum is where you all can talk about Hopscotch especially if you need help or you have improvements or suggestions on something.


Thank you! Ive learned so much just from my first week! so many people are so kind! (including polls)


How do you feel about just having your first week here? @TobyFan502@Emma@A_Games@Meximan@Tree123456@EpicCreeper127-Forum@JaszyKake@Giraffedolphin26@kenlauescuadro@myran1178@Cool @Isaacwotwot@mrquarton

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Hi! I'm giraffedolphin26, and I've been on Hopscotch for a while (since 2013!) but I just joined this forum. Everyone is really nice and I think I'll have a great time here.