Welcome to my Inactivity


I know, I know. Another one of these awful topics. While this one won't really affect HS itself, it will most definitely affect my forum time.

So recently my parents started phrohibiting a lot of things that I'm into. Undertale? Anime? Even a few Steven Universe episodes? I can't play or watch it anymore because it's for people with depression and I already overcame my "depressive symptoms." I don't think I ever mentioned this, but during sixth grade, something just clicked when my great grandmother was admitted into the hospital. Did I actually have purpose? Why was I even here? And it stopped me from achieving a lot. I cried at the mention of change, and felt every single action I did would make or break someone's life or heart. I wanted nothing more than being alone and sobbing, and rejected most social activity besides from the few people who didn't treat me like a monster. While the worst passed then, this still does return, and it feels paralyzing.

But because now I'm "completely over it and a happy person!!!" according to my mother. I can no longer play or watch Undertale, anime, or almost any "adult" shows that aren't geared towards my 8 year old siblings.

Now because of this, she's reducing my internet time because my "new anti-fangirl personality" it's against my favorite things and my introversion. While coding is still acceptable, being on the General Internet with you guys apparently isn't. So for the next few months, especially this next week, expect less replies, likes, and main activity in general. I'll inform you guys when this restriction is lifted.

Thank you, everyone


I feel you pain. Parents just don't understand our lives outside the forum. :rolling_eyes:


Sorry to hear that.

Still they're just looking out for you :wink:


Oh, I get that, It's pretty sad :frowning:.


I'm so sorry to hear that! We will be here for you! See you around!