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Game Changers Reorderd. Again

Is it just me or did they reorganize the Game Changers list today so that Kaleidocosmos is back on top @Valgo @everyone


Halloween Characters. 5 years later

Who else got the new Hopscotch update today? They finally gave us back Halloween characters


Remember The How-To’s Category?

They should bring it back
I had a project in there: Link Here

Whenever I’m offline and I check the tabs and see “Featured, Newest, Trending, How-To’s” I get excited. But then I realize I’m offline.


I was born in Year 0000. No lies

Whenever I copy a project link or create a new account, Hopscotch asks me what year I was born.

This is too much personal info for me to give away, so I type, “0000”.

Strange that it works. It doesn’t work in the “buy subscription” though. How odd


#FeaturedChallenges Tab

What was this tab category for again? St. Patrick’s day 2017?

You’re right Hopscotch, they are the Golden Trio


Hopscotch Video Ad in the App Store

So, In the App Store, Hopscotch has a little video ad you can play to see what the app is like. Near the tail end of the video, they show some gameplay of Super Mario Mini Game’s Super Mario Adventure app.

However, the gameplay that is shown for about 3 seconds actually cannot be played in the game. It’s like they edited my brother’s app and then screen recorded it. It’s super weird

(Yes, my younger brother made the app Super Mario Adventure)

Even weirder!
This video can’t be seen on an iPhone, only on iPad App Store. Super strange they forgot to update the video ad for iPhones.


No More Hopscotch Classroom App

So Hopscotch removed the $10 Hopscotch Classroom app. It looks like they’ve just merged it with the main app. In the sign up you can say you are an educator and create a classroom for free. That’s rad.


My Hopscotch Halloween Project in HHC18
I’m creating my Halloween game and I have only 7 days, so no procrastinating, I’ve got to finish this and hopefully win a place in HHC18, atleast as beginner.


Yep. I typed in 0085 yesterday.


Dang Kaleidocosmos almost has 1,500,000 plays


Interesting topic here


Cool topic idea!


Thanks!! How to access random stuff