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@system downloads pictures so they're stored on the Hopscotch Forum's server :wink:


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Revive because new people of the forum might need this!


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Why not...?
Idk why I'm here :stuck_out_tongue:


Overwatch reference go!
Flies in Till Valhalla Flies away
BAM topic revived.


@t1_hopscotch, @Liza and the rest of the @admins and @moderators:
This topic is in Help With Code, and we have new categories, so shouldn’t it be in Meta-Forum? I don’t want to change the category because this is a popular and big topic, so I should ask you to change category or give permission to a Regular that can do it.


Thank you! This is very helpful!


@KVJ is very nice. Check him out everybody. And if you need help, ask him too.


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
Im happy to help™


Hey, @ItzMya

Please do not bump topics like this that are not needed! Thanks! If you have any questions let another forumer know on their GT or by creating a new topic!