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OrangeScent is (finally) on the Forum!
Help!:-) Please help I'm new to this forum!
Help? I am new!
.....I'm new to the forum
I AM NEW! HELLO HI i am new
I finally joined hopscotch forum!
Ok GGlab hi welcome to forum
Welcome to the forum @MiNi!
I'm new to the hopscotch forum
Welcome to the Forum Combo! :D
I finally got the forum!
My forum account welcome post!
Hello I'm new can I have some help
Hello I'm new can I have some help
Alert problems noo
Hello... I am new to this Forum
Help!:-) Please help I'm new to this forum!
Help!:-) Please help I'm new to this forum!
Gobli's General Topic II 🤔
Tell me everything! I'm new😖
Help? I am new!

This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


@Bubblyoreo I think system is a computer! (correct me of I am wrong) I looked at the post, it always was a possibility, you should email the hopscotch team


I'm not allowed to. I am also scared to tell


I am sure the hopscotch team will hear you!


Yep, system is a computer.


I don't think this is a social tool. This is forum about Hopscotch, right?


Yes but if they have questions about the forums they can also ask.


help I can't create topic

Is it my trust level? (basic user I think)
PS I didn't create new topic because I can't

Trouble creating topics

I'm not sure. Maybe it is.


Oh another strange thing is that I already created a topic once though now it won't work?


@t1_hopscotch @Hoppertoscotch does someone know
PS: if it's off topic can you create one for me pls

Problem (don't know what it is yet)

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.


Aw man, that was thirst thing I read hopscotch Forum. :sapensive:


@Liza hey there's a thing with some IDEAS!!


This here are your stats system.


I want people to know this exists


so you commented on it


Da bot made a topic. Da bot. Made. A topic.


Cool. To @everyone, welcome!