Welcome to AidenLovesHopscotch! :)


Hi @AidenLovesHopscotch!! I am glad to see you :smile: Welcome to the forum! :tada:

This is from your friend on the app, t1 :slight_smile: If you ever need any help or even if you're just wondering about anything, please feel very free to tag me with @t1_hopscotch (that is my forum username :smiley:) – and then I will see your post!


Welcome @AidenLovesHopscotch!!


Welcome to the forum @AidenLovesHopscotch!
Hope you have an awesome time here! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum @AidenLovesHopscotch. If u ever need me just tag me


Hello and welcome to the forum @AidenLovesHopscotch! I hope that you will have a great time here!


Welcome @AidenLovesHopscotch.
Man, this reminds me of the topic I was welcomed in.


I have so much memories of those topics :0

I tried to find the topic I was welcomed in but I found out it's deleted....


Hello @AidenLovesHopscotch, welcome to the forum!


Haha I remember those too :blush: if only we could keep doing it for everyone every week... I think THT can check which new users have joined recently so they were able to do that, I guess we can't catch everyone :cry:

Looks like AidenLovesHopscotch hasn't visited yet, hehe that's okay :upside_down:

But wow, thanks so much to everyone though :open_mouth::relaxed:


Welcome @AidenLovesHopscotch have fun! :smiley:


Thanks @t1​:smiley:, I'm trying to plan another modified character and it's going to be Dino. For more information, check out my topic called: "HSB colors?".


I'm here, sorry for the late reply, I don't know how to when I first came here​:upside_down:


Thanks, @Artymaker2000​:smile:, by the way, do you know Dino's HSB color? I'm trying to make a modified Dino.


Hi @AidenLovesHopscotch!! :smile: I'm glad to see you here! (No worries in the least about replies :stuck_out_tongue:) and I have seen your new topic :slight_smile:


no sorry but I have found out many HSB colors by asking for advice