Welcome @pastelpony7!



ok lol, my other fren joined, lol. she hasn't the slightest idea what hopscotch is or how to use the forum. is you could give her some tips, that would be awesome. @pastelpony7


Welcome to the forum @pastelpony7! If you need any help, just @ me like this:


Welcome @pastelpony7!

Tag me anytime like so: "@KVJ"!
Do you use Hopscotch?


Welcome to the forums, @pastelpony7


Same. Welcome @pastelpony7
But you won't see me 4 long but all the same, tag me if u need any help.
I'm happy to see a new member.


tagging someone is a great way to get someone's attention. to tag, just type "@" and then the person's username that you want to tag. try tagging me for starters!


Welcome @pastelpony7. If you need any help with the hopscotch app, @ me.


Did she copy @PastelPony's name?


Welcome @pastelpony7!
I'm new to the forum as well