Welcome New Users!



You know how when someone is new, you want to welcome them?
But your fingers hurt, and you don’t want to keep typing? ( totally me!) XD
Anyways, this is the topic where you can edit to welcome people to the Forum. Please edit before the line that says You guys have joined a great community!!
Happy editing!!

Welcome to the Forum!



#some rules:

  • Don’t get off topic.

  • Stay Hopscotch related!

  • No being mean (duh.)

  • You can get the rest Here.

You can experiment with the editor! Explore! Search for things you need help with, and if you can’t find a solution, make a topic! Help new HSers!

Welcome to the forum!

You guys have joined a great community!

Hi! We are Double Wasp Studios

How do ya edit?


you did'nt out on global edit.


Just turned it on.
Should work now.


Why is Ian one of them? XD


Don't know why I typed that!
Let me edit it.
EDIT: Done!


I love doges!

Next time, though, keep your posts on topic :wink:

Love the gif, though!


Can someone show me how to do a dropbox?
I forgot how to do one.
Short term memory.. XD

hai hai



This is a test!


Thanks so much @CreativeCoder!


Aayyyy i'm on the list :smiley:


Yep. You earned the Basic badge, so why not?


oooooh I'm on the LIST!!!!! Ya I enjoyed the awesome community!!! :slight_smile::two_hearts:


I still don't get how to edit.


Welcome to the forum!

Click the little green pencil pad button in the top corner to edit a wiki post (you can create those once you're at the trust level regular!), but I think since you're a basic user, you can't. :0
Unlock the trust level member, and then you can edit wiki posts! :D
You can also click the three dots at the bottom of the wiki post, and click the pencil. :D

If you want to edit your own post, then tap the little pencil near the like button, once you've finished editing, save the edit (with the little Aqua button in the bottom left corner!)! :D
You can edit your own posts anytime, unless a few months have passed. :D




Thanks for all the advice!


Thanks for welcoming me and I do believe that this is a great community!


Why can't you edit your post then?