Welcome New Users!



Hoi Mare Me is dissapoitted my school deleted HS


Oh, that sound bad well me sorry for you




Welcome this Week’s New Users!


Check out @SmileyAlyssa’s topic to learn how to make polls!


wow, a new discourse staff member! you butter not believe it!


and a spammer! how wonderful and amazing! /s


this forum is turning out great! /s


Hehe, just noticed that :joy:


Hello @Kitkat26 , This forum might be going amazing


Hello @Miaryan , Please go to a different forum than this one :)


Hey let’s be nice. Especially to new people. I don’t care if they’re advertising, they aren’t causing trouble, so let’s just relax. : )


@ExquisiteSoup @Kitkat26 I am not advertising anything.




@ExquisiteSoup tell me where I advertise MyAssignmenthelp.com?
I think you some water.


in your bio…?


@ExquisiteSoup So, whats the problem with that?


it’s advertising


You aren’t allowed to advertise on this forum


Welcome this Week’s New Users!



I feel like the majority of those accounts are alts