Welcome New Users!



ok then


aw crud :/

sorry bout that


I’m new as well and I have no Idea how to use the forum, I just heated people saying to get it so I got it. Can someone give me some help please.:grimacing:


Hey @ImAPanda
Welcome to the forum! Basically, the forum is a place to go for suggestions and questions to HS bugs and to give advice to others!

To start, I would say navigate towards the Latest page, which is what you see when you first come on the forum. (Click the Latest Page) and check out some recent posts. Like a few (you have restrictions on how many likes you can use) and comment on some! You can make topics as well, just go to the Categories page and click "ask a question"
Try to stay away from making topics others have already created!

If you need more help, tag me using @Swati_Bang. (add a @ sign before any forumer’s username to do this.) What it does is just notifies the person, so they can easily help you or whatever!

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum! Do tag me with any additional questions!


Hey @swati_bang thank you so much for that. I have followed you and I hope that we can be friends.

From @ImAPanda


Welcome this Week’s New Users!


Check out @Swati_Bang’s topic to learn about the Forum! : )


Thank you, @Kitkat26, for recommending my topic!


Thank you! :smile_cat:


Thanks for welcoming me, it makes me feel more included in the forum


A couple of them were alts :stuck_out_tongue:


i just found out hopscotch blocked itself lol(on the rules page)


Haha yeah I figure most are these days : )


Welcome this Week’s New Users!


Check out @SmilingMoons topic to learn about how the Forum works!


Thank you!


Thanks I really appreciate that


How do you find out who the new users are @Kitkat26


I usually just go to badges and look under basics. @HopscotchRemixer


Welcome this Week’s New Users!


Check out @tankt2016’s Guide to the Forum!


Oh yeah. Sorry for the 150+ (Actually, it’s 200+ now) users that were created today. Oop


Good luck with that @Kitkat26