Welcome new people! @WhiteFeathers and @DragonMc


Let's welcome @WhiteFeathers and @DragonMc

Let's give them a huge welcome!

Tags @KVJ cause why not!


Welcome @WhiteFeathers
Check out @Anonymous topic for new hopscotchers!


Thank you! I feel very welcome already! :blush:


Welcome @WhiteFeathers!

Omg another artist R.I.P self confidence


Well i gotta admit, sorta true! Lol

Thanks for the welcome!





I'll help you a bit more tomorrow it's 8:57 right now well for me it is


Really? Intresting, I'm guessing you live around in the middle of America? I'm California, so technically it's 6:58


Aw, geez!

I'm really thinking two other thingies right now:

"Thanks for the compliment!"


"I feel bad when people compare me to themselves."

But, thanks!


I look up to your art on HS, so...

another addition to my list of people i will never catch up to


(I'm Shivelight, if you couldn't tell)


Everyone tho

There's a bunch of amazeng artists in the forum and I'm jus laik "how do u even art"


Oh, hey Shivelight! I could tell anyways


yes exactly

how does everyone on the forum and on HS draw so well

look at this iā€”


slow clap for bad pun



Wow gr8 artist is saying something about other gr8 artists wowwowowowowowowwowow


wait hold on a moment are you calling me a great artist pix

wow shiv so narcissistic


ur art is 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times better than mine soooooooo... yes


hold on a moment hold on a single moment i what

i what

i wHAT

laoshi just called my art good what do i do what do i do what do i do what do i do


laoshi wut does dat mean


Hey, welcome @WhiteFeathers and @DragonMc! You both are awesome people and I'm glad you joined.