Welcome New Hopscotchers!



@Rawrbear, @seawolfwerehorse, @MarshmellowBear, @Hermione, and @charlotte10034! I love it that even more people are joining the forums! It is a big welcome for a newbies!


Yeah, it's a great way to find out things in hopscotch. Even thought I started like 4 days ago XD


Thanks @Phase_Studios can I be your friend on hopscotch and on forum?
PLZ say yes (my name is @Hermione on forum and HarryPotter :zap:️ on hopscotch.)


Hi Hermione. What do you mean your coding level is 9?


Coding level is how great you are at coding the better you are the higher your level will be and there is I think 10 levels. You can ask me any questions.strong text


Yes I would love to @Hermione!


Can I? Also I LOVE HARRY POTTER ( and hermione granger and Ron weasly, all characters in Harry Potter) :slightly_smiling:


Thanks a lot @Phase_Studios .


Let's be friends @Isaacwotwot by the way I am a girl and I'm 8 years old.


Can I be your friend @Hermione?


Yes I will love to be your friend let's make a chatroom on Hopscotch can you make one @Phase_Studios please.


Because I am not really good at making chat rooms.


@Phase_Studios what's your name in hopscotch.


Hi. I need to go out now.


It is Phase Admin®, the r symbol is an emoji @Hermione.


Thanks @Phase_Studios


Thanks! I love it when people are so welcoming 🦄 I also like unicorns!!


:wink: Thanks @Hermione!!! My Hopscotch username is Isaacwotwot, I'm a 10 year old boy. :wink:


Let's make a chatroom on hopscotch can any of you make it ?


I've got too accounts the one that I'm using is HarryPotter :zap:️ but I've got one called Pansypanda :panda_face: :feet:

Guise I don't need the Pansypanda :panda_face: :feet: Account so you can log on to it

Username:Pansypanda :panda_face: :feet:
Password: 15032006