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Hi @wadelindmark!(the only real person I know)

This is the hopscotch forum`, where you can learn and help other forumers about Hopscotch!
As you open The Forum, you will see topics.
Click on one to open it and read the responses.
You can favorite, share, flag, bookmark, or delete (only if the post is yours).
The @ signs are to notify a Hopscotcher. Like if you wanted to notify me, you would say @LemonPop9.
Then I would get a notification that you sent me something. It's different from just saying LemonPop9.

And then there's this when you're posting

There's also preferences where you can change pictures, backgrounds, and title (if you're a mod, which reminds me, you can also get them for LGBT Day of Silence. Regulars have been on for 50% of the last 100 days. In the editor there's the drop down bar where you can make a drop down bar :grinning:Plus, you can use emoji.
blur a name and then there are polls!

Do you like this?

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  • No


Votes are public.

Plus, @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, @PopTart0219, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Mathgirl, @Intellection74, @Gilbert189, @DestroyASnowman, and @Anonymous are all great mods and are very helpful, so if you have any further questions, ask them, me, or anyone else!


Great topic! Is this just for @wadelindmark or for everyone?


Everyone! I just know him personally, and I'm excited someone I'm close to enjoys hopscotch.


Me: I'll be on the forum for five minutes.
1 hour later: And...done.
Looks at time:


Nice topic :smiley:


Thanks! :grinning: I know that I wish I had this message when I first joined!


@StellarSongOfficial why don't you like this?


WHAT?! What you mean?!


You voted no on the poll.