Welcome Guide For New Users!



Are these not real users lol?


Wait they aren’t lol?


I mean, the tags don’t work or auto-fill @266025


Oh lol

Maybe system thought they were robots or something


its been too long i have found myself having to read thru this once again lolll thank you for making this


These links may help some new users:


Welcome to the forum, @Silver-n-gold, @sofiajerry02, @noetzli, @Bballface, @AngelLite_Draws, @Aircon, @MotorBikingHummus, and @Caraaa!


Next few posts will be a test thingy so I can grab screenshots to add to the guide.


Rainbow sparkle unicorn ice cream is good


Ahhh dangit
I’m trying to do a flag post test but whoops I forgot I can’t flag my own reply


Ima use discobot



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot fortune thanks


:crystal_ball: Most likely


Flagging tutorial added.


Make sure when you look for latest users you click the tag to see if “they are real” becuase some of them don’t work, but I also welcome the new people to the Forum


@Silver-n-gold goes to my school…


Thank you for the shout out!


Your welcome! Did you like the logo I made you?


Hi @Silver-n-gold you already probably have met my Brother as he goes to your school. I’m @UnicornRainbow and I would love to be IBFS with you