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Thanks! This is really helpful.


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I have a question.
For the nominations for featured, if you are going to nominate, how do you make the thumbnail of the project appear other than the link.


Put the link on its own line. instead of like this

do it like this


Could anyone maybe make the top post global edit if they don’t mind?


Yo Tankt can I drop a suggestion?




Add a thing about what kinds of topics it’s ok to make.
Explain the thing about only having one gt and not making random topics that aren’t forum related. Since we have more forum leaders, we’re gonna get a bit stricter on what you can and can’t make.

1 gt per user, and not making really random, not hs related at all, topics. The exceptions are the special topics, like the drawing topic, men.tal hea.lth one, Igbtq one, and the forum games etc.

Your guide is really great, and ik a lot of people use it.
Just adding that in and specifying where I didn’t would be great :slight_smile:


Guys, how do you type shapes in your text boxes in your projects?it would be really useful to know how to do that!


Get a square or rectangle
when game starts, Create a clone of it
When object is cloned:
Set pos X(original object x pos) Y (original object y pos)
Set text to (whatever text you want) color (whatever color you want)

This isn’t the right topic tho, so I’d suggest next time you make a new topic or look for similar old topics.
Or ask on a gt and tag CodeHelp


Like, symbols?
Use a font or symbol keyboard, like Kana.
Or copy and paste these ^^^^^


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