Welcome Guide For New Users!



Welcome to the forum, new users!

Also, remember this is a forum built for a coding app. It’s not just some random kids’ chatroom. ; )

Welcome to the forum!

Have this huge thing of information I put together!
Just tag me if you need any help.

User Tutorials

Discobot’s Tutorials

@Discobot has some tutorials for you! Both are very easy, and Discobot will give you a certificate upon completion.

How to activate the easy tutorials? Simple.

To start the New User tutorial, type

@discobot start new user

To start the Advanced User tutorial, type

@discobot start advanced user

Other Tutorials

Here’s some other helpful tutorials.


In this section I’ll be answering some frequently asked questions.

Simple. Email them at help@gethopscotch.com or hello@gethopscotch.com.

Are there rules or guidelines for this forum?

Yes. They are called the Community Guidelines, and you can read them here. If you break them, you may get suspended for who knows how long, so be sure to follow them!

Is it okay to make a topic for general things, for example, coding updates, random stuff, etc?

Yes. Those are called General Topics (or in short GTs), and there are guidelines for those also, which you can read here.
GTs actually have their own category, and it is required that you put your GT in the General Topic category.


Fonts are fun to experiment with, so here are some HTML font tricks!

<a> makes aqua text </a>

Aqua!! There also used to be red, green, and blue colors, but I think it messed up the color scheme of the forum or something.

You can just type random letters for that, too. Just keep the thingies at the end.

# type # and a space for big bold text


<big> makes big text </big>

<sub> makes low and small text </sub>
Regular text vs. sub text
There’s one to make the text high and small, too, and @background_inc said how to do it, thanks!

<sup> makes high and small text </sup>
Regular text vs. sup text

** this text will be bold **
Bold text!

*this text will be italicized*

<s> strikethrough text </s>

Spoiler text is fun. It looks blurred, then when you tap on it, it unblurs!
You type
[spoiler] add text here [/spoiler]

It’s blurry!

Now here is one JonnyGamer invented.

Put some text here
Add more here
Keep adding lines of text
Add as many as you want

Remember to hit enter after typing <sub>, else the trick won’t work.
It’ll turn out with the lines of text on top of each other, like this!

Welcome to
the forum! This is
how the font trick will
turn out!

More HTML and BBCode

Those font tricks in the last section? They were HTML and BBCode.
In this section you’ll learn more tricks, like dropboxes, bullet lists, and polls.

Bullet lists are easy to make.
Here’s how to make a bullet list:

* Add text here
* Add text here

Add as many bullets as you want!
The bullet lists will look like this.

  • This is a
  • Bullet list

Number lists are also very easy to make. Just type this.

  1. Hello
  2. This is a number list

Simple, right? You just type numbers and text, numbers and text.

Hiding A Topic
So yeah, this is some trick that can be irksome if you don’t know how to access a hidden topic, which is why I’ll also show how to access a hidden topic.

It’s really easy to hide a topic. Simply add the word “unread” to the title of the topic, anywhere in the title. But please, only do this to your own topics.

Accessing A Hidden Topic
Here is how to access a hidden topic. It’s pretty simple, actually.

This is what a hidden topic will look like. It won’t have a visible title and you won’t be able to directly see when the last post was, but you’ll be able to see the amount of posts it has. Tap that number.

A box with two dates on it will pop up, one will say when the topic was made, the other will say when the last post was.
Tap that box with the dates in it, and it will take you to the topic.

Flame Wars

This section covers flame wars and tips on avoiding or stopping them.

What is a flame war?
A flame war is a mass argument that is pretty hard to stop even though everyone wants to. Please try to avoid these as much as possible.

Tips On Avoiding And Stopping Flame Wars

  • If an argument starts, either keep it a friendly small one or shut off your device and walk away from it.
  • During a flame war, try not to let things get too out of hand, and if it’s a dumb argument about something silly, like a color or food, just laugh about it and move on.
  • Try not to take sides in a flame war. That may help you stop the flame war.

How To Tag
Tagging someone will send that user a notification.
This is how you tag someone.
Just type an @ and then put the user’s username next to it to send them a notification!
Don’t worry, the tag I used doesn’t actually tag @anyone

Don’t type @ and omtl together, unless you’re making a contest or something, you’ll tag 150+ people. And members of the OMTL aren’t that happy when they get tagged for something random like

Oops! Oops! Loop-de-loop!

And other pointless stuff like that. Be aware, there are guidelines on OMTL usage, and I suggest you read them. (Oh, and OMTL stands for Official Mass Tag List.)
If you want, you can join the OMTL here.
There should be a “join” button on that page somewhere, in addition to the OMTL guidelines.

Then there’s the POMTL (Project Official Mass Tag List), tagged by a person who made a project who would like constructive criticism or tips on improving on his or her coding. This one consists of 61 people.
You can join here.

Again, don’t tag it for random things and leave the OMTL and POMTL if you leave the forum.

CodeHelp is that tag list you tag if you need help with your code. The people on it are very helpful!
You can join here.
And again, only use it for its purpose: help with code.

Tag Lists
So yeah, some people on the forum got custom groups, like the omtl and pomtl and CodeHelp. But those aren’t available anymore — a moderator used to make the groups but she left, so now they’re unavailable.
But you can always type up one, and ask if people want to join, like this:

Here’s my tag list, does anyone want to join?

My Tag List

Currently nobody

I’d love to join your tag list!

Oki, I’ll add you! Ima go add you to that post. Then, when I want to tag my list, I’ll just copy and paste it!

Random Tips

Here’s just some random tips on random stuff.

  • Don’t be afraid you’ll seem weird, nobody will judge you here. Seriously, everyone’s super nice here.
  • Don’t spam — or post off-topic or advertising stuff on random topics.
  • Be kind — this isn’t just a good thing to do on the forum, it’s a good thing to do everywhere.
  • Dont be a bully — nobody likes bullies and buIIying doesn’t help anything. Bullies try to bring people down. Ignore the bullies.
  • Don’t be a hater — don’t hate people, just because of their gender, if they’re a better coder than you, if they’re LGBT or not…
  • Dont beg for likes. This can be annoying, plus it could make you sound spoiled.
Links To Helpful Topics

Here’s some links to other helpful topics for new users! Some of them might even contain more links!

This one is good for asking questions about the forum.
NewComer Lounge And Safe Place

Must Read for New Users!

Pretty Much Information For All Newcomers (✿◠‿◠)

Forum Fonts/tricks!

Here’s a link to a topic with links to lots of topics!
Topic Portal v3

Justifying Something Wrong Doesn't Make It Okay

Made by @tankt2016

I’ll be editing this and adding more stuff.

please don’t edit unless you’re me or a leader/mod.

Must Read for New Users!
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Discobot decided to give me a new user tutorial because I typed that in my post, oh well lol…


Great guide! I am sure that this will be helpful for lots of new users. Keep in mind, new users, that I and lots of other people too are here to help! Just tag me if you ever need help or just want to talk!
@tankt2016 already showed you how to tag someone on the forum:


@tankt2016 I think you needa fix that ;)


Oh yeah lol :joy:


Lol yeah don’t confuse the newbies, especially with GT stuff


This is a great resource for newcomers! It will be really useful! I just had one suggestion: maybe it would be beneficial to add a trust level topic, like the one made by t1. I had SO many trust level questions when I first started, and I feel like others do as well! Thanks for including my topic!!


Thanks and you’re welcome! Your topic is so helpful!

Oh yeah, I’ll add a section on trust levels and a link to t1’s topic, that’s a good idea!


Probably the best new users guide I’ve seen


I agree 100%! This is a great guide!

And also, happy birthday!


It’s <sup> </sup>




Hello, I’m just hanging out trying to wrap my mind around all of this lol. I’d like to check out Hopscotch, but it only appears to be compatible with iOS devices…


Hello, I’m smileypants

Haha, I’m new here, and very new to coding.

Thanks for the text font tricks! This is fun!


Welcome to the forum!
And yes, Hopscotch is only compatible with iOS devices so far, and I don’t think the developers currently have any plans to make it compatible with other devices.


Thank you but I’ve already looked at other ones :)))


Thanks so much!!!




Welcome to the forum, @_sylvia_H.S!


This’s helpful thank you Tankt!