Welcome! @Grabos!


Welcome @Grabos to the hopscotch forum! And more people that have just joined. I know that @Grabos just joined because she is my sis. And she needs some help getting to know how the forum works so if you guys could help her out that would be great.


Awww, it's very nice how you are being nice to your sis.


thanks! She is my little sis after all. But it would be great if you could help her get to know the forum that would be great.


I put a lot of work into this, so please give it attention!

I will add more later.


@Grabos Don't forget to search before you create your own topic! :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃


Maybe you can add info about your profile too. Like wich button does what? And those sort of things.


I was going to add that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Great!:+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻 (20 characters :sleepy:)


Thanks for that info @Rawrbear but I don't need that I know how stuff work around here but I will tell @Grabos that you were nice enough to put your time into it. :innocent:


@Grabos is there something you need to know? I can help.


Welcome to the forum @Grabos! Here is some stuff


@silverstream Will Grabos see it? :smiley:


yup. I showed it to her when I saw it.