Welcome back project surprise for JaszyKake/ChocoBear


If any of you have seen JaszyKake/ChocoBear's profile you will have seen that she has published her last project but in the code she wrote "after 10th of March". I have been wondering if any of you would like to work on a special project with me to make a special WELCOME BACK project with me. More details will be added.


That sounds super fun! Though I can't join, you can still ask me questions that you need an answer to!


I can help! (But I'm not too good with coding)


Sure you can help, we can add bits and pieces and if you don want it to be too complex then it could just be a screen with some moving parts.


Omg that's a great idea! Can you tell us the theme? E.g. Code; story format; text art; art..


Can I join? JazsyKake is one of my best hopscotch friends!


Anything you want, it could be a splash, I want it to be original and have all of us in it, so basically the theme is whatever you want!


Of course you can join! Everyone is free to join. Do you want me to publish a base so we can start?


Okay! Sounds great! What is the theme?


What ever you want, just be original and yourself


I'll publish the base now, it's quite plain but you can add, move or delete whatever you want.