Welcome back HSer topic



Hi HSer! Starting from now, many people is coming back from their Summer Vacation and is probably getting their school iPad back. So getting back school iPad= they're back in Hopscotch.

I made this topic to welcome the HSer (who had left for the summer)! Give them your warmest welcome!

Here's my:
Welcome back to HS!
I'm super happy and excited that you're back!

Now it's time for you to welcome somebody
(P.S:If someone made a topic like this already, I'd like leaders and mods to close it)


Great topic to make!!!


Thanks (^ω^)
Sincerely,Hero Dino


This is a good idea! There are several other topics like this for individual Hopscotchers. I think they should be merged with this one.


so old topik
Elle XD