Weird variables section when using rules?

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: Cute little kitty cat :cat2:

What kind of device are you using?: iPad

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing coding, and then I realized that there was a variables section happened):

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Open rules drawer
  2. Look at the variables section

I expected this to happen: not to show up

But instead this happened: it showed up

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

And it actually works

Link: Bug by Cute little kitty cat 🐈

Also I can drag a normal set variable block outside of a rule, it only snaps to the top, not the bottom

  • This happens
  • No it doesn’t

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this is not a bug.
when you create a local variable and you want that it works for the entire object, put the local there.

@Awesome_E clive
idk why i’m always tagging you for these kind of things


Don’t worry, it’s intentional! you can now set variables outside of a rules block so they happen right as you start the game. :))


no worries here

Ok then. @Leaders clive.

Whats a clive

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It means that this topic has served its purpose and will be Closed :lock: and Archived. :file_folder:

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oh i understand thakns