Weird Topic Glitch



There's a really weird topic glitch where if you try to click on a topic on the homepage, it doesn't direct you there. I end up having to close the tab I'm currently on and opening it in a new tab. This also happens with notifications!

This rarely happens, only once in 5-10 minutes. I'm using an iPad Air 1. Does anyone else know why this happens or if you're experiencing this?


That happens to me sometimes.
I mostly get a glitch that when I include a photo or a link in topic while typing it freezes and sometimes even brings me to my homepage.


Do you use a computer or iPad?


That happened once, this morning. I was using an iPad, too (don't know which kind, but it's not a mini). Then I pressed the back button when I was on another topic and it brought me to the topic I wanted to go to.

And sometimes, I see a cancel button that doesn't go away in the corner of the screen.



I use an iPad. Why ?


Never had this. Huh. I have an iPad Air 1 I believe... :thinking:


I was wondering if it only happens on a mobile device, a computer doesn't seem to affect anything!

I'll post this bug on Discourse Meta.


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I'm on an iPad mini :slight_smile:


Well, iPad minis probably have a smaller processor and therefore don't have as much data because they're smaller. So it glitches more. Same thing with Hopscotch March Madness, too many edits, too big post.


Processor*. A database is basically a server. :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to have an iPad that wasn't a mini, I honestly have no clue where it is though, otherwise I would have tested it out to see if it made a difference on another device


Oh, well, my technology knowledge span isn't that wide.