Weird thingy idk what to call it

So i was coding and then ya’know the bar with all the coding Block just wouldn’t go away, so I exited the project and…

I can even push the things and it’ll work but I’m not even in a project

Idk how anyone can reproduce this just be coding play the project to check something and see if it’s still there ig

I just felt like this needed to be reported


That seems similar to the problem that happens when quickly press play…

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Is it similar to this?

Yeah, this issue pops up from time to time and has been reported a couple times, thanks for making a bug report tho :]

i can’t find a different bug report topic for this, even though i know there’s several.


Yeah @Leaders feel free to merge


A very common bug. You can resolve this temporarily by closing Hopscotch and opening it back up.

Happens to me whenever I’m working with scenes.

Also I call that “bar” at the bottom the “Code Library” or “Code/Block Keyboard”

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I’m tired okay don’t correct my name of the bar /75%j /lh

Yeah this is the first time it happened to me I just panicked and didn’t search because the first time I closed the app fully it didn’t go away.

This topic doesn’t really have any more information than the other topic, so I’ll just close this one.

Duplicate of Block menu stays up after exiting editor/project