Weird thing happening on the forum




I don't know why it shows up like this, I've received way more likes then this and I've given way more likes then this. And I've also created lots of topics and it says I've created zero. Why is this happening? Someone please HELP!


That's only for a certain time you need to switch it to all time you see the little

Thing hit that and change it to all time!


See the thing that says "Week" in the top-left corner? Tap that, and then tap "All Time".

If this doesn't work, just let me know! :wink:

EDIT: @Huggingfluffybear beat me to it.


Haha photo bomb!!!!!!


Do I feel happy or sad I think I feel accomplished! :-D


Thank you guys! I solved the problem!

I had no idea I had that many likes! :joy:


I can't believe @Anonymous, @Rawrbear, @CreativeCoder, @SmileyAlyssa, @SmilingSnowflakes, @OrangeScent1, @Kiwicute2016, @PopTart0219, and @Gilbert189 all photo bombed me. HOW DARE YOU!


Did people spam like me that much?! I have 5k more likes than @CreativeCoder O_o


I don't know how you guys have that many likes! How does @Anonymous have 24.8k!


He posted a lot of dank memes


You have a ton of topics @Rawrbear!


That could be true, too!



500 posts.

How dare you think 5000? XD


No, it says that week, not your whole forum time! :wink:




No problem glad I helped!