Weird Tab in App


I was suddenly offline, then this happened. Only four tabs came up: Featured, Trending,Newest and How-to. Has anybody else experienced this?


Yes, I'm not really sure why though. It doesn't really effect the game for me


That means you have no internet or slow internet.

It's actually saying it right there! :D


No, I am just really curious. What is inside the How-To Tab?


There's nothing in the how to tab I don't think :D


Should I tag The staff?




Report a bug? That's obvious.


Try emailing them :D
They will see it was faster!

Also they aren't on in the weekends so either way your not going to get a response till Monday :D


I don't have a email. I used for my account.


That's ok!

Do you want me to email them about this for you?


Yes! Thanks!


Your welcome!

Also you need to add a > on the end, and no punctuation :D


Really? Let me try.(I never use punctuation in that)

Yay! It worked!


Oh, ok!

Yeah, discorse updated!
Luckily I always but the > on the end so it's not different at all for me XD


Ok! I emailed them! :D


How to is a tab from a long time ago. There's nothing in it.


Omgeee how-to's was my favorite tab why hopscotch team?!? Why you take away my favorite tab?


Yeah, just double tap the home button, swipe all the app squares up, and go back to hopscotch! It should work! :slight_smile: