Weird Spiral glitch

i found that every tiem you uses spiral draws it sometimes stops giving clones. can THT plz make this stop becuz we cannot use/make some draws for very long. its about 30sc or like uhhm/..... 100 clones? i dunno


Plz help
i want to make more

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This is weird
It never happened to me before…

i am using ipad air
but BRB

There's a limit to how many objects can be in a project–it's jot a glitch. The limit is 512, and the number of clones you can make decreases (from 512) by the number of objects on the screen before the clones are made? Confusing? Here's an example: you have 3 objects in your spiral draw project, including the object that's making the clone. You keep drawing, but after 509 clones are made, no more clones can be made. I don't know why, I think it has to do with the project becoming too laggy with so many objects. :///


@BellaWafflez17 explained it all.

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As @BellaWafflez17 said, there's a limit to the number of clones. However we can change the code so that after a max number of clones, it reuses the older clones. Ie, the clones at the end of the line come to the front. Then you can spiral draw as long as you want.

Is this something you'd be interested in?


Could you tell me how to do that as well please?

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Sure, I'll make a tutorial in a new topic.


I know this is off topic, but @EEVEE4THEWIN Happy birthday :tada: :blush: