Weird Question on the forum!?


I dont know what this gay line on this post!??
Ive seen this on like 4 posts!!
Can someone tell me what this is!??
Tjis is a example from a screen shot that i took!


See the gray line!!
Idk what that is!!


That is really weird I agree with you


If you type


You get a line!


The weird gray line polll!

  • This is really weird
  • What is this
  • That is common


Votes are public.


Sooo recycle!?!?


Who do make people vote I want to know I am sort of new to this?


* Bunny
* Let's gel
[/poll ]


Who do I make people vote I don't get it


This might help a little @PrincessBunny1!
Click the link!

  • Copy and
  • paste
  • customize with vote choice


Just screen shot what you tapped please


What i or @AwesomeNachos tapped?!


Is this how


You teach me how I don't know which button to tap




Just type

Lots of times!


u can make that line by typing:



wow u used me as in example!
I feel so special tysm